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Grails! oAo
Image result for bulbasaur plush plush keychain pkmncollectors
Bulbasaur PlushPlush keychain plush
( I would love him even if he was taggless stained or torn)
Related image
Dragonite Pokedoll
(love this chubby baby! But prefer her to have her tag!)
Image result for sleeping bulbasaur plush
Sleeping Bulbasaur New Years Plush (Please someone I need this big girl in my life, I finally have room for her.)

When it comes to grails, mine are on the pricier end, and while I often can't flat out buy them at face value I can do partial trades :> I make plushies.

High Priority Wants! :D
Image result for cyndaquil pokedoll
Cyndaquil Pokedoll
(needs a tag. Red Pikachu tag is preferred or 10th-anniversary minky version)
Pokemon Center Original Pokemon Plush Doll Alola Raichu (Pokemon Sun and Moon)
Alolan Raichu Pokedoll
prefer Japanese version MWT)
Image result for vaporeon canvas plush
Vaporeon Canvas plush
(Tush tag only is fine)
Image result for christmas bulbasaur plush
Bulbasaur Christmas plush Keychain (MWT Japan or US is fine!)
Image result for kutari cubone plushImage result for kutari growlithe plush
Kuttari Cubone (Awake version), and Growlithe (Asleep Version)
(MWT Japanese or US Release is fine)

Average Priority Wants C:

Image result for banpresto rolling friends venusaur
Banpresto Rolling Friends Venusaur

Shiny Bulbasaur Mascot Plush
Image result for venusaur pokemon doll
Venusaur Pokemon Doll Plush
(US or JP with tag)
Image result for shinx pokedoll
I really would love a custom shiny shinx pokedoll (Shinx was my first shiny so I'm very fond of it in particular!)

Low Priority Wants :)

Image result for giratina pokedoll
Giratina Origin Form Pokedoll
(would love a tagged version, but without if fine :)
Image result for turtwig pokedoll
Turtwig Pokedoll
(Prefer either the US Pikachu tag version or the Japanese Red Tag version)
Image result for ivysaur fit plushImage result for raichu fit plushImage result for rhydon fit plushRelated imageImage result for nidorina fit plushImage result for pokemon fit marowakImage result for nidoran fit plushImage result for pokemon fit venonatImage result for pokemon fit houndoom
Pokemon Fit Plush
I prefer Japanese tags on these cuties! I want all of them but the top three are for Sure Rhydon, Ivysaur, and Raichu

I would really prefer it if all of these plush had tags and where in good condition ( for the newer plush I'd love it if they where in pristine condition) But, I don't mind making minor repairs to my plush and the condition of the tags don't have to be absolutely perfect, folds and crease are okay.

I do not own any of these images, if the images is yours and you don't want me using it let me know and I will happily take it down :)

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I don't own any of these images tell me if they're yours and you want them taken down

**If you have any of these items and are willing to part with them tell me a price I'm willing to do trades ( I make custom plush!) or purchase or a combination of both*
Thank you for checking out my wants 

Yay It's Vulpix

Meet Peanut the newest Pokemon I added to my Pokeplush project :D
Update! This is Ivan ^w^ 25/151 made!
Niche :3
And little HotShot
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